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Hidden Places in Hawaii, Waipio Valley

One of the hidden places in Hawaii.

Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Hidden Places in Hawaii, Waipio Valley

This starts a series about off-the-beaten-track, hidden places in Hawaii. These are places  where tourists rarely frequent, but would if they knew more about them. We’ll start the series by talking about beautiful Waipio Valley, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Waipio Valley, northwest of Hilo, is a lush valley that the ancient Hawaiians considered sacred.

The Valley of Kings

Hidden places in Hawaii, Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley Stream.

The ancient Hawaiians  referred to it as the Valley of the Kings. This is because it was the spiritual home of many of Hawaii’s past rulers. Here, King Kamehameha, the most famous king of Hawaii, received important spiritual guidance. A Hawaiian god in this valley told him about one day becoming the king of all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Waipio Valley once was the home of perhaps up to 10,000 during ancient Hawaiian times.  In the 1900’s, it even had a hotel, stores, post office and other businesses. But in 1946, a huge tidal wave inundated larges portions of the area. As a result, only a handful of taro farmers and fishermen inhabit the valley today.

What Makes This Valley So Secluded?

What makes Waipio Valley so secluded is the steep grade of the only road to access the valley floor. In fact, it’s so steep that only four-wheel drive vehicles can make it.  Supposedly this road is one of the most steepest roads, if not the most steepest, in the US, if not the world.

But once you get to the bottom, you will be treated with some spectacular views of waterfalls, streams, beaches and the verdant valley floor. So much so, the ending of a blockbuster motion picture, Waterworld, was filmed here.

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