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What Not to Do In Hawaii

What not do do in Hawaii

Call them slippers in Hawaii, not flip-flops.  An example of what not to do in Hawaii.

More What Not to Do in Hawaii

This is a continuation of a blog on things that you should do or not do when visiting the Aloha State. Here’s the link for those that might have missed our first blog on this subject. At least some of us believe that when visiting another place, you should not try to stand out and do your best to blend in with everyone else. So if you are a follower of this philosophy, here are a few additional pointers that you might do well by on your next trip to Hawaii.

Aloha Shirts, Not Hawaiian Shirts

Only people from the mainland, perhaps out of sheer lack of knowledge, call those shirts for men with colorful prints on them as Hawaiian shirts. Absolutely no one in Hawaii calls them that. The proper name for these types of shirts is aloha shirt.

Couples-only Matching Outfits

Unless you don’t mind being teased and talked about behind your back by people you come in contact with, we suggest you don’t purchase a set of these matching outfits.

“Slippas,” Not Flip-flops 

No one in Hawaii calls rubber footwear flip-flops. It feels unjust to call something so cool and hip as merely flip-flops. It sounds like something you’d only wear in a shower room. People in Hawaii prefer to call such rubber footwear as slippers or in Pidgin English, slippas. To many, it’s a much cooler name. Thank you very much.

Spam Musubi Isn’t Sushi

Why? Perhaps it’s like calling a bagel a piece of bread. Rice used in sushi is prepared a lot differently versus when it is used in making musubis. It’s akin to saying bagels and bread are prepared differently even though they are both made from wheat flour.

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