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Golfing in Hawaii

Golfing in Hawaii


Some of the Challenges of Golfing in Hawaii

Hawaii just has to be a perfect place to golf. There’s great weather, great views of verdant mountains and clear blue seas matched by challenging, beautifully laid-out golf tracts. This would be like the kind you see on network TV or on the Golf Channel. But generally, it’s not that easy to get onto a golf course. And even more difficult, is getting onto a course that’s affordable. Like most everything in the Aloha State, like the price of Hawaii airfare during Christmas, golfing in Hawaii is definitely not going to be that cheap.

Unfortunately, unless you’re a local resident, you can most probably forget about paying $30 for a round of golf at a municipal golf course. So you won’t be paying the same kind of fees like at your local muni on the mainland. Plus, because golf is fairly popular in Hawaii, unless you’re a local resident, it could be quite difficult to get a tee time at one of the local city courses. Here, the price of a round is relatively inexpensive.

The Kamaina Rate

Furthermore, you may not be aware of it, but there a 3-tiered pricing standard at most privately owned golf courses open for public play. There’s one price for local residents. Of course, that’ll be the cheapest rate. Residents call this the kamaina rate. A kamaina is Hawaiian for local resident. Then, there’s a price that is higher for people from the mainland US. And last, but not least, there’s the highest rate for people from any where else. The “anywhere else rate” could be a high as twice the price of rates for locals.

But it you are able and willing to fork out a few extra dollars for a round at some of the nicer golf courses, it’ll probably be worth it. These typically are courses or near the exclusive hotel resorts on all of the major islands. After all, how often do you have a chance to golf in paradise?

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