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Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival

The Magic of the Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival Want to see something unique and inspiring? Then try attending the Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival. Tens of thousands of local residents and tourists come to this annual event. The event has been growing in popularity each year. This special ceremony begins every Memorial Day in the Magic Island part of Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu. The Hawaii branch of the Shinnyo-en Buddhist sect of Japan first started the event in 1999. […]

The Portuguese Sausage

The Story of the Portuguese Sausage in Hawaii Newcomers to the Hawaiian Islands may not be able to connect a sausage from Portugal as something quintessentially from Hawaii. The Portuguese sausage in Hawaii has become an integral part of everyday cuisine. This has been the case ever since immigrants, primarily from the Azores, a chain of islands southwest of Portugal, arrived in Hawaii during the late 1800s. People in the old county called this sausage the linguiça. They made it […]

Ala Moana Shopping Center

In Hawaii and Love Shopping? When families travel, other than visiting attractions and scenery, what do they like to do? It’s shopping, of course. And traveling to Hawaii is definitely no different. So where can tourists go to do some shopping in Hawaii? Well if you’re in Honolulu, one of the best places to do shopping at is the Ala Moana Shopping Center. The Story of the Ala Moana Shopping Center In 1959, the newly completed Ala Moana Shopping Center […]

Alaska Buys Virgin America

Alaska Buys Virgin America – A High Level Analysis Hawaii travel professionals are abuzz with the last round of airline takeover and are pondering what it will all mean for airfare to Hawaii. On April 4, 2016, Seattle-based Alaska Airlines announced its intention to purchase San Francisco-based Virgin America. In buying Virgin America, Alaska beat out JetBlue which was also interested in bidding for this airline. This purchase makes Alaska Airlines the largest US west coast based airline. It also […]

Allegiant Says Aloha To Hawaii

Allegiant Says Aloha to Hawaii Allegiant says aloha to Hawaii? When will this finally happen? There have been numerous and often conflicting information on this subject. Since it first started service in 2012, the carriers has been steadily decreasing its flights to Hawaii. The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported on this in March 26, 2016. It said Allegiant Air would not be totally getting out of the Hawaii market as originally reported. Previously, Allegiant indicated that their last flights to and […]

More Hawaii Flights Mean Better Airfare Prices

Flying over Diamond Head on airfare to Hawaii from Panda Travel.

Will More Hawaii Flights Mean Better Airfare Prices? The short answer is yes. Is this a surprise when economic principles of supply and demand usually prevail in most businesses? Needless to say the airline business is no exception to this rule. More Hawaii flights mean better airfare prices to Hawaii, which is all good news for Hawaii’s tourists and residents alike. Actual Real Life Examples Hawaii business publication, Pacific Business News, had looked into this. Their example is when Virgin […]

Honolulu’s Historic Aloha Tower

The Story of Honolulu’s Historic Harbor Since 1926, the 184 feet tall Aloha Tower in Honolulu Harbor has been one of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks. Honolulu’s historic Aloha Tower is what tourists first saw when their passenger ships sailed into Honolulu Harbor. Like New York’s Statue of Liberty, this Gothic structure offered a symbolic welcome to tourists and immigrants. Honolulu originally built the Aloha Tower to serve two purposes. The first was to help local residents establish exact time through […]

Virgin America’s New Direct Route to Hawaii

The Story of Virgin America’s New Direct Routes to Hawaii On February 2, 2016, Burlingame, California based carrier Virgin America announced new direct flights into Hawaii from Los Angeles. So here’s the lowdown on Virgin America’s new direct routes to Hawaii. There will be two daily non-stop flights out of Los Angeles. One lands in Honolulu and another in Kahului, Maui. To kick off the service, Virgin offered an introductory one-way rate of $169. Virgin America called this special rate, […]

New Rail System for Honolulu

Sometime in 2020, the first increment of a 20 mile new rail system for Honolulu should be completed. Planners project the entire line costing over $5 billion will be in operation sometime in 2025. And when it is, it will span from east Kapolei to the Ala Moana Shopping Center near Waikiki. There have been numerous plans on the book to construct a rail system for Honolulu since the 1960s. But for one reason or another, many city administrations repeatedly […]

Blockbuster Movies Filmed on Kauai

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the Garden Isle of Kauai has served as the backdrop for so many movies. This is especially true for those that need a beautiful tropical setting as a key element for their story lines. But what were the best of all of the movies filmed on Kauai? Many won’t be surprised to learn that many of them were some of the biggest and most popular films ever made.  Movie aficionados definitely should spend some time […]

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