Airlines That Fly to Hawaii

Hawaiian Leis

Wearing Hawaiian Leis One of the first things you may notice arriving into Hawaii is the sweet and unique fragrance of Hawaiian flowers. This is the smell from Hawaiian leis. Greeters present these leis to tourists as they disembark into the airport terminals from the jet bridge. Lei giving is one aspect of Hawaii that makes traveling there a unique experience. In ancient times, Hawaiians wore braided leaves, flowers, shells and feathers in garlands or leis to beautify themselves. In […]

Hidden Places in Hawaii, Waipio Valley

Hidden Places in Hawaii, Waipio Valley This starts a series about off-the-beaten-track, hidden places in Hawaii. These are places  where tourists rarely frequent, but would if they knew more about them. We’ll start the series by talking about beautiful Waipio Valley, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Waipio Valley, northwest of Hilo, is a lush valley that the ancient Hawaiians considered sacred. The Valley of Kings The ancient Hawaiians  referred to it as the Valley of the Kings. This is […]

New Carrier Flying to Hawaii

  Another New Carrier Flying to Hawaii China’s largest carrier, Air China, is a new carrier flying to Hawaii. Air China’s first flight from Beijing landed in Honolulu on January 21, 2014 after much anticipation and fanfare. The China market represents a huge opportunity to the Hawaii visitor market. According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, this new direct route will generate tourist revenues of $80 million for the state. Industry Expectations Hopefully, the market for the Beijing to Honolulu route […]

Cheap Hawaii Air

When Will We See More Cheap Hawaii Air? Despite a lot anticipation, it seems the prospects for more competition for Hawaii airfare may not be materializing as many thought during 2012. Back then, Alaska had expanded its routes into the Aloha State. Allegiant was just entering the market. And there were indications that Southwest was going to offer cheap Hawaii air. So at that time, there was a lot of excitement in the Hawaii tourism industry. At least from a […]

More on Airlines that Fly to Hawaii

Joining the Airlines that Fly to Hawaii In April 2013, had an exclusive interview with Virgin America’s CEO David Cush. In this interview, Mr. Cush mentioned Virgin America will be one of the airlines that fly to Hawaii, possibly in the 2015 time frame. A Highly Rated Carrier The records show Virgin America’s success in carving out a niche as a low cost, but high quality, carrier. A number of consumer ratings sites have rated the carrier highly. Additionally, […]

Southwest and Cheap Hawaii Flights

Southwest and Cheap Hawaii Flights – Are The Two Related? For some time now, we’ve been talking about Southwest and cheap Hawaii flights. For a while it seemed like the carrier was going to enter the Hawaii market some time in 2013. Unfortunately, for people who love traveling to Hawaii, it looks like that’s not going to happen soon. It also might not even happen next year. Judge for yourself. Here’s a quote from Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest. […]

Allegiant’s Impact on Hawaii Airfare

Assessing Allegiant’s Impact on Hawaii Airfare After a lot of fanfare and buildup, Allegiant’s foray into the Hawaii market seems to be settling down. And perhaps it’s been more than that. So since we’ve had time to sit back and take a look, what has been Allegiant’s impact on Hawaii airfare? The carrier has temporarily stopped offering airfare to Hawaii from their smaller markets. These are places like Fresno, Stockton and Santa Maria. So now, they have retrenched their service […]

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