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Many seasoned travelers ascribe to doing their best to blend in with the local people in places to where they travel. Let’s face it, no one likes anyone that sticks out in obtrusive ways, even in an unintentional manner. There are general rules that you should follow in any country or state. You may know […]

Many local residents in Hawaii love to eat octopus. But a few also enjoy the fine, but often unappreciated, art of catching them. Even though an octopus is not really a squid or calamari, most people in Hawaii confusingly refer to an octopus as a squid. As a result, some residents refer to the act […]

The Hawaiian Islands is the most remote set of islands in the world.  Its closest major land mass is over 2,000 miles away from the US west coast. However, their remoteness has not prevented them from becoming one of the popular tourist destination areas. So let’s examine what makes the Hawaiian Islands one of the […]

The question of when Southwest will be offering Hawaii flights has been asked for many years now. Other airlines have entered the Hawaii market. Some like Alaska have been successful and are now a fixture for those looking to fly to the Aloha State from the US mainland. While some like Allegiant have entered with […]

View from Tantalus Lookout in Honolulu.

Benefits of Multi Island Hawaii Vacations A visit to the Hawaii would not be complete until you see all of the islands in the Aloha State. While visiting any one of the major Hawaiian Island can provide you with a memorable vacation, you could be missing a lot if you don’t experience the completeness and […]

Hawaii time zone

What is the Hawaii time zone difference? The answer is that is depends on where you are now. Hawaii is anywhere from 2 to 5 or 3 to 6 hours behind the rest of US mainland, depending upon whether or not it’s Daylight Savings. Hawaii is one of the few states in the US that […]

Visiting Chinatown in downtown Honolulu

Here are some of the less well known, but nevertheless interesting, things to do on Oahu. When most visitors travel to Hawaii’s most visited and populated island of Oahu, most of them do visit the traditional places that most tourists flock too.  And they should too, because places like the Arizona Memorial, Pali Lookout, Punchbowl […]

Lava from Kilauea flowing to the sea

Because it may offers so many interesting things to see and do, some may not know about one of the best Big Island beaches as a  key attraction of the island. Those visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, which is now often by those in the media as Hawaii Island, will certainly see that the […]

In almost every town you visit in America you are bound to find a number of famous historic hotels. This is also true virtually anywhere else in the world. Many are historic for a number of reasons. They might have been a pioneer in a number of areas. They showcase a timeless grand architectural designs […]

Many people may know that Hawaii is the only State in America that has a building that once served as a royal palace.  However, many may not know that the Hawaiian Kingdom, as compared to monarchies elsewhere, only lasted a relatively short time.  Historians note that the Hawaiian monarchy started when King Kamehameha was able […]